City council sets public hearing for garbage assessment rates

FLUSHING — Flushing City Council will be hosting a public hearing on June 24 to seek residential input on a plan to adjust garbage assessment rates for 2020 tax bills.

At Monday’s city council meeting, Interim City Manager Clarence Goodlein said that garbage rates for multi-unit residences need to be reassessed, based on a recent review of rates given by City Treasurer Paul Borle and City Assessor Heather MacDermaid.

“The city treasurer (Borle) and assessor (MacDermaid) were reviewing tax rolls in preparation for issuing tax statements for July, when they determined that there was some disparity in ways that garbage fees were being assessed, in particular with multiunit dwellings,” said Goodlein.

Under the city’s current contract with Emterra Environmental, the garbage assessment is set at $249 per unit and includes the Emterra contractual amount plus Department of Public Works (DPW) chipping and curbside leaf pickup. Borle and MacDermaid said that while Emterra’s contract covers 3,500 units, there are actually 3,292 units in the city.

Goodlein said that the garbage assessment rates for 2020 need to be adjusted to accurately reflect the number of multi-unit parcels in Flushing.

“Our proposal is to charge $249 for one unit, plus $181 for each of a parcel’s additional units,” he said. “The addition represents the garbage contract cost, which is $181 per year, per unit.”

Since multi-units do not require additional DPW services for chipping and curbside leaf pickup for additional units, Goodlein said that the fee that is charged for leaf pickup and DPW chipping would be dropped for a parcel’s second unit and so on.

Following Goodlein’s remarks, the city council approved for a public hearing to be held on the issue and set a date for June 24 at 6:30 p.m.

The public hearing will be held via telephonic conference. To access the meeting, visit