City council votes to include two streets in county TIP plan

DAVISON — The city council approved applying for a Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) matching grant for the reconstruction of West Rising and South Dayton streets at its Nov. 8 meeting.

City engineers have developed a long-term plan for the maintenance and replacement of West Rising and South Dayton streets.

The resolution approved unanimously by the council, with Councilwoman Stacey Kalisz absent, states that while the city can bear the cost of such maintenance through the use of state tax disbursements, “the replacement of major roads within the City of Davison is cost prohibitive if solely borne.”

The council voted to declare its support for the two street projects for inclusion in the Genesee County 2023-2026 Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP). The city will provide for the necessary funding to supplement the construction of these two street projects.

City Engineer Leann Panduren, with ROWE Professional Services, said the city has very few roads that qualify for TIP money, but added the block of West Rising from Genesee Street to M-15 is in terrible shape.

That portion of Rising Street is rated a two on the Pavement Surface Evaluation and Rating (PASER) scale, with a one being the lowest and ten the best possible condition for a street.

Panduren said on W. Rising alone, on that block alone, some of the curbs are missing and it pools water during rains and melting of snow.

“It just needs to be replaced,” she said.

Panduren discussed improvements and repairs that will be necessary to bring those streets up to acceptable condition, including curb and gutter work and upgrades to some sidewalks.

City Manager Andrea Schroeder said the city is applying for two streets, with the hope of getting a grant for at least one.

“Again, its highly competitive,” said Panduren, regarding the grant. “Hopefully we’ll get one.”