City of Flushing reopens offices to the public

FLUSHING — The City of Flushing reopened its offices to the public on Monday, June 8. Moving forward, the city is asking for residents to utilize the city hall drop box and to handle as much business as they can over the phone or through the mail. However, if residents need to come into the office to apply for a landfill permit or to conduct other in-person business, city staff will be available to serve their needs.

Members of the public will be asked to wear a mask and maintain physical distancing when visiting the city offices. Residents who have a fever or who are experiencing any other symptoms are being asked to stay home and avoid conducting in-person business at city hall.

Additionally, all public meetings will continue to be available via Zoom/ telephonic conference. This is due to the state’s 10-person limit on indoor activities and the City of Flushing’s space limitations for physical distancing at city hall. — B.G.