City OKs Morrish Road light poles

SWARTZ CREEK — On Aug. 27 the Swartz Creek City Council approved the expenditure of $18,773 in order to put up 11 light poles on the east side of Morrish Road between I-69 and Bristol.

The new light poles will be 25- feet high and include a decorative arm.

“It’s what Consumers Energy recommends to adequately light the street,” said Paul Bueche, the city manager for Swartz Creek.

The poles will be made of composite fiberglass and cost $350 each.

“We opted for a simplistic, plain, decorative pole,” said Bueche.

The total cost for the poles and their installation by Consumers Energy, including burying the utilities, will be $16,273. The city included an additional $2,500 in expenditures for a 110 receptacle to be added to each pole so holiday lighting can be added in the future.

In the end, the average cost per pole is about $1,700.

“It will look nice up there,” said Bueche.

The city expects to be reimbursed for the money spent on the new light poles by Meijer. Meijer has agreed to fund $1.5 million in infrastructure improvements to the area around the construction site of its new store off Morrish Road in Swartz Creek.

Bueche said the cost of the new light poles will probably be included as such an infrastructure improvement.

Bueche added he expects the poles to be installed by Consumers Energy this fall.

“It solely depends upon when Consumers can get that done,” he said.

Consumers Energy has additional work to be done in that area of the city, and the installation of the light poles will be coordinated around the other work.

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