City to improve Don Shenk house

SWARTZ CREEK – The City of Swartz Creek will make a substantial investment in renovating a home in Winchester Village.

The city paid $30,000 to buy the property at 5256 Don Shenk from the county, which seized the house to recoup back taxes.

“Our vision was to improve the neighborhood,” said City Manager Adam Zettel. “It’s a neighborhood stabilization effort.”

Similar homes in the village are currently selling for about $125,000. Because the city cannot profit from the sale of the property, Zettel recommends improving the property so that it will command a $100,000-plus price tag.

“There’s a lot of value between what the city paid for the property and what properties are selling for in that neighborhood,” he said.

Some of the work will involve damage repair while other projects will simply update the appearance. – L.R.

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