City to re-route Center Road curve at Saginaw



GRAND BLANC — The City of Grand Blanc will use federal funds to pay the bulk of the cost for re-routing one of the curves on Center Road.

The project is estimated to carry a $1 million price tag. The city will pay around $260,000 of the total expense.

The federal government will pony up about $866,000 from gas and weigh taxes and federal highway taxes, according to City Manager Wendy Jean-Buhrer.

“Federal highway funds are distributed through the State of Michigan,” Jean-Buhrer said. “We competitively (apply) for those funds through Genesee County. Our project ranked high enough that we were able to get funding. So, we will be doing a little bit of straightening there.”

Crash data was considered in determining the monetary allowance.

Construction crews will route the road through what is now vacant land on the west side of the curve at Saginaw Road, near the viaduct.

A start date is pending.