City to seek grants for trail extensions

SWARTZ CREEK – The Swartz Creek City Council has green-lighted a plan to seek state funding to extend the Genesee Valley Trail from the eastern city limits to Winshall Park.

The city will apply for a Transportation Alternatives Program grant through the Department of Transportation, and seek a Recreation Passport Grant from the Department of Environmental Quality.

The trail extension is part of the city’s Parks and Recreation 5-year master plan.

Construction is expected to take place in three phases, with the first phase to involve an extension of the Genesee Valley Trail on Dye Road to Elms Park.

Later developments will continue the trail south on Elms Road to the Swartz Creek, then west to Winshall Park. The path hugs the creek, crossing the waterway at least twice and utilizing city-owned property on Raubinger Road and at the Department of Public Services on Morrish Road, as well as land owned by the Swartz Creek Community Schools.

City Manager Adam Zettel said the city will need to obtain easements from two or three private property owners.

The Genesee County Metropolitan Planning Commission has identified the Genesee Valley Trail as a top propriety project. The Genesee Valley Trail extends the Flint River Trail from the Flint city limits through Flint Township.

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