City, Township seek state and federal funds in wake of Aug. 11 storm

FLUSHING — In a further attempt to aid Flushing Township residents who were impacted by a severe storm and confirmed microburst on Aug. 11, Supervisor Frederick Thorsby has declared a State of Emergency for the Flushing Township.

The declared state of emergency will aid Flushing Township in seeking aid from Genesee County Emergency Management, the State of Michigan and the federal government. The township will also be requesting assistance from the state to help pay for the cleanup of debris.

Flushing Mayor Joseph Karlichek likewise declared a State of Emergency within the City of Flushing due to the Aug. 11 storm.

“The City of Flushing and the hard-working employees of the Department of Public Works (DPW) continue to provide cleanup and recovery services across the city in the aftermath of the storm,” said Karlichek. “Our firefighters and police officers provided swift and efficient response immediately following the storm of Aug. 11 and continued providing vital services to the city protecting citizens from downed power lines, traffic control, opening up roads from downed trees and protecting life and property. We are grateful for their service to our city.”

Karlichek’s declaration will make the City of Flushing eligible for state, federal and county resources as the city continues to address the impact and damage caused by the Aug. 11 storm. — B.G.