C&L Ward announces winner of May roof giveaway

DAVISON TWP. — In an effort to give back to the community, C&L Ward hosted a contest during the month of May called Shingles for Shelter, in which they took applicants for a free asphalt roof to a homeowner who has fallen on hard times and cannot to afford to replace a failing roof.

They have announced the winner of the 2014 inaugural program is Kim Morgan of Flint. She is the recipient of a free roof.

Morgan was nominated by her daughter, Kristin Morgan. In her submission, Kristin wrote, “The roof was always that monster that was just too expensive to tackle, and sadly it just keeps getting worse. There was an addition put onto the home before my mother bought it with a flat roof. That room is now and has been for some time entirely unusable. If it rains hard enough, leaks spring in the dining room and kitchen, as well. My mom had to change jobs a few years ago, taking a major pay cut, only making it harder to fit a new roof into her budget. She’s had three children, three grandchildren, and a few pets take shelter in this home over the years, and I know that making it a more stable home for her loved ones is always on her mind. She has had more than a few estimates on the roof, and I know she feels a sense of failure when it’s just out of her reach financially. Staring down the price of a new roof, my mom has tried endlessly to help the situation on her own. I stare at a small collection of shingles in our garage every day, that she’s managed to get for free, hoping to help her situation, but it’s not nearly enough. I’ve seen my mom spend days on the roof trying to nail up plastic that ultimately gets ripped off by the next storm. There is a small collection of shingles that sits in our garage, that my mom has gotten over the years, but it’s not nearly enough, and a constant reminder of work that needs to be done. There are at least 10 buckets that sit in the addition, and a small children’s pool, that my mom has to bail water from when it rains. I feel terrible that I can’t help, and even worse knowing that my mom is trying her hardest, but yet can’t seem to get out from under the economic hardships that she faces. She’s not frivolous with her money, she doesn’t live beyond her means, and she doesn’t go out, or do too much of anything for herself. I love my Mother dearly, and it pains me to hear her talk about the thoughts that she has about having to let the house go, and move into an apartment. I grew up in this home, as did my siblings, and I know more than anything it is a representation of how hard my mom has worked throughout her life, and I want more than anything for my mom to be able to keep it and be proud of it.”

Project coordination for the new roof is underway and the start date of the project will be announced at a later date for photo and interview opportunities. ABC Supply Co. Inc. has partnered with C&L Ward and will donate all of the shingles for the new roof.

“We recognized that there are many homeowners, like Kim Morgan, right in our own backyard who are struggling to make ends meet. Replacing a roof is the last thing they need to be burdened with,” said Patrick Ward, President of C & L Ward. “Kim Morgan’s story is just one of several that we received. We saw a lot of failing roofs and many of our entrants were very deserving of this prize. This community has been very kind to us and we are in the position where we can pay it forward to someone who isn’t able to make the necessary improvements to their home to keep themselves and/or their family safe.” He continues, “We look forward to working with Ms. Morgan and making life a little better for her and her family in the weeks to come.”

Shingles for Shelter is only one community goodwill program that C&L Ward has created. They also have a “Likes for Dollars” campaign through their Facebook page that benefits organizations in Genesee County, the Great Lakes Bay Region, Metro Detroit and Greater Lansing and they give away a $10,000 Home Makeover annually. — G.G.

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