C&L Ward holding virtual appointments

DAVISON — Despite the shelter- in-place extension, C&L Ward is working diligently to keep both staff & clientele as safe & satisfied as possible. As opposed to closing up shop & waiting for COVID-19 to relent, the home improvement company is changing things up.

“We’re finding a tremendous amount of demand for home improvement during this exceptional time,” said C&L Ward President Patrick Ward, “we’re looking at this as an opportunity for innovation & made sure to find the positives wherever possible.”

C&L Ward, who’s served their communities for nearly 50 years, has developed a means to evaluate their client’s exterior remodeling needs & estimate the cost of having the job done without stepping foot on the property in most cases.

“Our sales team is seeing success in accurately quoting jobs through aerial technology & virtual consultations,” Ward said, “it really is a win for everybody. Both homeowners & C&L Ward staff remain safe in their own residences. This is something we’ll continue to offer well after the curve has been flattened.”

Virtual appointments with C&L Ward require a computer or tablet & an active email address. Details: Visit GoCLWard.com or call 1-800-GoCLWard. — G.G.