Clemson rolls over Tide to win National Title

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The college football season officially ended Monday night and Clemson whipped up on the Alabama Crimson Tide. I would say the Tide was rolled out to sea by a wave of solid orange. The “Paw”, as Clemson fans and team refer to themselves, mauled the Tide 44-16. Yes, it’s hard to believe a Nick Saban-team blown out in a National Championship Game, isn’t it? Well, believe it, because it happened and the college football world was stunned.

As for the college football world, it better be ready for some Clemson dominance in the next few years. The defense is suffocating and loaded for the future. The quarterback, Trevor Lawerence, a true freshman, is brilliant and will only get better. I see Clemson as the team to beat next season. Oh, don’t worry! Saint Nick will have Bama back and ready to go next year! Nick Saban is how other coaches will be measured, like a Dabo Swinney at Clemson. My question is, can anyone else in college football challenge these two powerhouse programs? I don’t see it, personally, but next year is another year, so we shall see. August will be here before we know it and college football will be back.

Smooth sailing on the road

The NFL Wildcard weekend featured three road teams as winners and only Dallas won as the home team. The Colts destroyed the Houston Texans 21-7 and Houston was never in this contest. The Colts earned a trip to Kansas City and a Saturday kick off at 4:35 p.m. The Colts are red hot and winners of 10 of their last 11 football games. The play of Andrew Luck has been nothing short of spectacular.

The Chiefs are 0-6 in their last six home playoff games. The Chiefs blow leads in playoffs like I pound a box of Captain Crunch cereal in one feeding. The Chiefs’ coach, Andy Reid, is 11-13 in NFL Playoff action. How about the fact his regular season winning percentage is .611, a far cry from .458 in the playoffs. I ask, do you trust Andrew Luck, or the youngster, Patrick Mahomes, more?

I usually like the veteran quarterback over the youngster. However, I like Patrick Mahomes in this contest. The prediction: Too Many Chefs In the Kitchen 31 and Horseshoe Hats 27.

The late night Saturday game at 8:15 p.m. will be the Dallas Cowboys against the L.A. Rams on the West Coast. Dallas will bring in a tough defense against the high-flying Rams’ offense. The Cowboys and Rams should be a battle all night long. The Rams have tailed off late season and the Cowboys are gaining steam. I think this game will be decided by the Dallas offense, actually. If they can muster up some points, they will have a chance at the upset victory. I don’t trust the Rams’ quarterback, Goff, at all. The prediction: Ram a Lambs 24 and America’s Team 23.

The Sunday schedule starts at 1:05 p.m. in New England with the Chargers and Patriots. The Chargers make two straight trips to the East Coast and that is a very tough chore to win two NFL Playoff games. The Hoodie and Brady are 11-1 at home off a bye, which is incredible. The better quarterback here in this game is Phillip Rivers, not Tom Brady. The better defense is the Chargers, not the Patriots. Here is the puzzle to figure out the winner. New England and Brady are so tough at home in January to not like them to win. The Chargers are chokers in the playoffs. All good streaks come to an end, in my opinion. The prediction: Nuts and Bolts 23 and Brady Undies In a Bunch 20. The Saints and the Eagles wrap up the weekend in New Orleans. Can the Saints knock out the Super Bowl Champs? We shall see, as kickoff is slated for 4:40 p.m. The Eagles were blown out earlier in New Orleans by the Saints. I don’t see a blow out this time, but the same result. The prediction: Saints Roll In 34 and Eagles Roll Out 23.

Who beat the Fat Guy?

The winner of the Beat the Fat Guy football contest winner is HopHound1 and the drawing winner of people who finished ahead of me is Flamingmoe79. Please email me at

Thank you to all who played and we will do it again next year. See you in August!

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