Clerk advises using website to track absent voter application, ballot

DAVISON TWP. — The township clerk is advising voters to check their absentee voter applications and ballots using a State of Michigan website.

Clerk Cindy Shields said a rumor on social media that absentee ballots are printed and ready to pick up has brought a flood of people to the township offices in recent weeks.

Shield said the rumor is not true and she doesn’t expect absentee ballots to be ready until early October.

“I don’t know where the information is coming from, but there’s something out there saying ballots are available,” said Shields. “They’re not available yet. They haven’t even gone to the printer yet.”

Rather than coming to the township offices to request a ballot or calling to ask, she said anyone can check the status of their application or ballot at

At the website, click on “Your Voter Information”, enter your name, month and year of birth, and zip code or scroll down to enter your driver’s license info – hit enter to search by name or search by driver’s license. Your information will appear.

On the right side under “absentee ballot” it will show if the clerk’s office has received your application, when your ballot was mailed (once available) and if the ballot has been received.

Shields said if you can’t remember if you already submitted an application to vote by absentee ballot for the November election go to: and follow the steps above to verify if you have an application on file.

If you keep receiving applications to vote absentee, bear in mind these are often sent out by political parties and other organizations during election season. If you already have an application on file, disregard other applications.

March and August applications were “dual applications” meaning you could select November as well. If you selected November, then your application is already on file, said Shields.

Use the steps above to double check if you have already applied to vote by absentee ballot in November.

To check on your absentee ballot application or the status of your ballot, visit