Clerk says unofficial election results may not be accurate

One precinct miscounted by accident, recount to reflect in final results

FLUSHING TWP. — Clerk Wendy Meinburg told the Board of Trustees Nov. 12 the accidental miscounting of a precinct in the township during the general election was human error and that no one should consider results final until the Genesee County Board of Canvassers certifies the numbers.

Trustee Jenifer Almassy asked Meinburg at the Nov. 12 meeting why the township still did not have a complete count of votes more than a week after the election.

Meinburg said due to “human error” a precinct was counted twice, but she said no one should consider the results final until the Board of Canvassers has certified the vote – which wasn’t scheduled to happen until Nov. 17.

Because of the double counted precinct, Meinburg said the end result will mean a shift in votes affecting as many as 200 ballots.

Almassy said she was concerned about the fact there’s been counting issues in Flushing Township for the 2016 and 2020 elections.

“So, how do we keep this from happening again?” said Almassy. “This is two presidential elections in a row that we haven’t been able to get our results in time. Is it a training issue? Do we need to train our people better?”

Meinburg said she doesn’t think it is a training problem.

“I’ve talked to other clerks and they’re all handling it the same way,” said Meinburg. “They all agree we need to come up with a better system.”

She also said the media should refrain from calling elections until the results are certified by the county.

The results of the Board of Canvassers certification of the election was supposed to take place Tuesday, but the results were not available at press time.