Clinton, Kildee continue to promote support of Flint

FLINT — With a visit and remarks made at the Greater Holy Temple on N. Dort Hwy., and finishing up at the UAW hall on Averill, Chelsea Clinton said she and her mother, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, will continue to be involved and committed to the Flint water crisis. “My mother’s been raising the alarm about Flint for many months now and has been listening to and working with (Flint) Mayor (Karen) Weaver and local leaders here to respond to what they say they need…in terms of water support, nutritional support, employment opportunities and long-term planning.”

Chelsea explained the crisis is not only about water, but about the future of a ‘rust belt’ city with aging infrastructure and lack of opportunity. Former Secretary of State Clinton helped promote the crisis to the national spotlight in January of this year after speaking about it on the campaign trail and MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show.

“Flint knows what Flints’ families and Flint’s children needs and the rest of us need to continue to listen and respond and partner with Flint to ensure Flint is an agent of its own destiny,” Chelsea said.

Weaver also spoke thanking Chelsea for her family’s support, which includes personal money from the family, not the foundation according to Chelsea. Sec. Clinton then sent some of her staff to Flint to see how they could help address the needs Chelsea spoke of.

Weaver explained how Clinton’s help got Flint young people work distributing water instead of having the National Guard do it. Out of 374 applicants, 83 have been accepted and Weaver called them “Opportunity Youth” who have completed pre-employment and ‘life school’ training ( GoodWork/FlintArea/FlintWaterworks/ tabid/861).

She added that 78 youth have been placed into paid employment through the Flint Water Works program and 43 who are pursuing education via Career Pathways and have returned to school to pursue education, including completion of GED’s.

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