Code enforcers kept busy last year

FLINT TWP. — Weeds and blight were the township’s two biggest code enforcement issues last year, according to the annual Code Enforcement report for 2017 submitted to the township board of trustees by Tracey Tucker, building director.

The report stated $482,815.94 of activity.

August was the busiest month for code enforcement activity with 805 cases followed by June with 580 cases, July with 577, September with 531 and May with 486. Fewer than 200 cases were filed each month during the first quarter and last quarter.

Weed ordinance enforcement accounted for a big chunk of the high-activity warmer months when weeds are growing. For example, 424 of the total cases filed for August were for weeds. A total of 1875 weed complaints were addressed during the year and 1656 of them resolved.

Blight required lots of attention as well with 424 cases filed during the year and 354 of them resolved. September was the busiest month with 83 cases filed, followed by 59 in August and 56 in October. December and January had the lowest number of cases with 12 and 13, respectively.

Problems with vehicles accounted for 693 cases. August and June were the biggest violation moths with 127 and 101 cases filed, respectively.

The report also included monthly and annual totals for abandoned property, board-ups, business licenses, outdoor storage, property maintenance, rental compliance, parking, signs and zoning.

It also accounted for one livestock complaint in April.

Staff issued 1218 permits and 757 of them were finalized, according to the report. August was the busiest month with 138 cases followed by May with 132 and June with 123. Permits issued included 415 for building inspections; 264 for electrical, 325 for mechanical, 145 for plumbing, 9 for sewers and 60 for zoning compliance.

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