College football fans grieve, plus NBA, NHL playoff updates, predictions and more



Rumors were swirling last week about college football cancelling the fall football season. The rumors were true for the Big Ten and Pac 12 conferences as they cancelled football this fall. What a crying shame I say!

The other three conferences in the Power 5 the ACC, SEC, and Big 12 are still moving forward and planning on playing football this fall. I personally hope it happens for those three conferences, but I surely have my doubts.

The presidents and chancellors of the Big Ten felt the risks of playing during the coronavirus were not worth it. The funny part is, six days earlier they announced the schedule. A very odd and curious move if you ask me.

I am in no position to say if it’s the right or wrong choice to cancel, but I don’t like it. I do know that numerous Big Ten teams and players disagree with the decision, and I can’t blame them. When you realize all the time these players have put in and then to be told no football is disheartening. The current hope is to play some kind of a schedule in the spring. How can you play a spring schedule and then resume right back in the fall of 2021? I would think that is way too much football in a short period of time.

What about the financial aspects for all these schools? The whole situation stinks for the players and all of us college football fans! What in H E Double Hockey Sticks will I do on Saturdays? I have no dog to walk and spending more time with the wife is not all that appealing. UGGGHHHH….

The NBA Playoffs start this week and we will go through the matchups and predictions quickly.

The Western Conference parings first. The Utah Jazz and Denver Nuggets will be a good series. I like the Nuggets to advance. The Oklahoma Thunder will play the Houston Rockets in another good series. The Rockets prevail and move on. The L.A. Lakers defeat the Portland Trailblazers. The L.A. Clippers will oust the Dallas Mavericks.

The Eastern Conference has an old dandy matchup in Boston and Philadelphia. I will take Boston in this series. The Toronto Raptors will crush the Brooklyn Nets in a sweep. The Milwaukee Bucks will blow out the Orlando Magic. The best series will be Indiana and Miami. I flipped the coin and it says there is a coin shortage. I will take the Indiana Pacers to advance. The NHL Playoffs have been nothing short of spectacular with all the overtime games. The epic five overtime between Columbus and Tampa Bay which was won by Tampa was one of the best hockey games I’ve watched in a long, long time. What a game one to start a hockey series. I love the fact that Columbus bounced back to win game two. How hard would that be after suffering such a long and grueling loss in game one. It shows heart and desire to me.

The Washington and New York Islander series is the shocker of the playoffs. The Islanders are up 3-0 and of course I picked the Washington Capitals to win. The other surprise is Vancouver up on the defending Stanley Cup champion St. Louis Blues. The boys from St. Louis have looked awful on the ice. The Red Wings are home watching on TV.

The Tigers swept by the Cleveland Indians over the weekend before an empty Comerica Park crowd of green seats. This is hard to believe, actually, as the Tigers have lost 20 straight baseball games to the Cleveland Indians. I mean that’s almost impossible in the game of baseball. The Tigers hot start has been in fizzle mode lately as they dipped under five hundred after Sunday’s loss. The Tigs stand at 9-10 with 41 games left to play. I think when the season is over the Tigers will occupy the cellar of the American League Central. The have lost five straight and they stink at the dish (hitting). The Tiger’s first baseman C. J. Cron will undergo season-ending knee surgery. The .188 batting average of Miguel Cabrera is embarrassing. I can be reached at