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The college football rankings came out and my Captain Obvious picks were spot on. I correctly predicted Alabama No. 1 and Georgia No. 2! Hold the phone…what the H-Edouble hockey-sticks is going on here? The Georgia Bulldogs are No. 1 and Alabama No. 2 according to the committee? The Fat Guy has them right and the ranking committee has them wrong. I can confidently say that! Come on, man. Alabama is the No. 1 team in the country and Georgia will find that out when they play later on this season. I was also correct with the choices of Clemson and Notre Dame, so I say, put the Fat Guy on the college football ranking committee. I believe either Clemson or Notre Dame will be knocked out and Oklahoma or Wisconsin will sneak into the playoffs. Let’s see how it all plays out in November and early December.

Sparty On!

What a season Mark Dantonio is having with his Michigan State football team. The Spartans had a brutal 2016 season winning three football games and one had to wonder what the 2017 season would become. What the 2017 season has become is pretty darned good with the upset of Michigan a month ago and now the upset of Penn State Saturday. It was a long upset, too, waiting out a long weather delay.

The Spartans have bounced back with decent offense and gritty hardnosed defense. The Spartans, since coach Dantonio’s arrival, have hung their collective hats on the defensive side of the ball. The biggest game on the Spartans’ schedule now becomes the Ohio State Buckeyes on Saturday at high noon on the FOX network. The boys of Vegas have installed the Spartans as two-touchdown underdogs? What? I feel as though that is the Rodney Dangerfield treatment, as NO RESPECT!

The Buckeyes were demolished by the Iowa Hawkeyes last Saturday and should not be favored by two touchdowns over the Spartans. Heck, I think the Spartans might go in to the horseshoe and come out victorious. The cheeseball smells another Spartan win. Sparty Mean Green 23 and The Yucks 20.

The Wolverines travel to Maryland for a 3:30 p.m. contest. The game can be seen on the Big Ten Network. The Wolverines should make turtle soup out of the Maryland Terrapins. The cheeseball says: Blue 31 and Turtles 17.

By the skin of their teeth

The Detroit Lions made it through the must-win situation at Green Bay Monday night. The Packers without Aaron Rodgers are an abysmal mess. The Packers are Aaron Rodgers, and when he is out of the line-up, the Packers stink. Oh boy, when he retires, the Packers will be in a total free fall from the top of the NFL.

The Lions still struggled offensively in the red zone once again. The running backs and the offensive line need to be able to run the football inside of the five-yard line. It’s embarrassing, actually. The positive is the play on the defensive side of the ball. The Lions’ defense is pretty darn solid, if you ask me. The play of Big Play Slay is Pro Ball material, in my opinion. The play of Ziggy? Not so much! Can Ziggy ever get healthy? The elevated play of one Matty Stafford was magnificent on Monday night. He was passing with pin-point accuracy and dropping dimes on the Packers’ defense all night long. I still say kicker Matt Prater is the Lions’ MVP in 2017. The Lions’ playoff run started with this win. The Lions’ schedule eases up in the second half of the season. I feel as though 6-2 is very attainable, which would make them 10-6. The road games are always tough to win, but look at these road games: Chicago, Tampa Bay, Baltimore and Cincinnati. I say 2-2 is all they need. The four home games should be victories: Cleveland, Minnesota, Chicago and Green Bay (minus Rodgers is the key here)! I can see a Turkey Day scenario where the Lions and Vikings are playing for first place! Can’t you? I’ll put the Lions’ Kool Aid back in the fridge and settle down with Lions playoff talk! The possibility of a Lions’ home game in the playoffs might be in the cards, just maybe.

NFL Picks:
ARIZONA + 6 over Seattle
WASHINGTON + 1 over Minnesota
CHICAGO – 3 over Green Bay
INDIANAPOLIS + 10 over Pittsburgh
JACKSONVILLE – 4 over L. A. Chargers
TAMPA BAY – pk over New York Jets
TENNESSEE – 4.5 over Cincinnati
BUFFALO + 2.5 over New Orleans
DETROIT – 10 over Cleveland
Houston + 12 over L. A. Rams
ATLANTA – 3 over Dallas
New York Giants -pk over SAN FRANCISCO
DENVER + 7.5 over New England
Miami + 9 over CAROLINA
LAST WEEK:6-6-1 SEASON: 69-58-3

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