College football teams head to the playoffs

Fat Guy Corner



The college football season is winding down and what a wild ride it’s been here in 2020. The cancellations of so many games has effected everything this season. I am actually shocked the season finished and we will have four playoff teams in the end.

The conference championships are this weekend and wild stuff is still in the cards. The Pac 12 championship had to replace Washington with Oregon due to COVID issues. The Washington Huskies program could not field 53 scholarship football players as the rules state, so Oregon back doors their way into a title game. I feel bad for Washington’s football team and its players. The Pac 12 will be USC against Oregon on Saturday night at 8 p.m.

The next debacle is the Big Ten changing rules of needing six wins to play in the Big Ten championship game and letting Ohio State in with a 5-0 record. I do believe Ohio State deserves to be in the game because they are one of the best teams in the country. I had a problem with the Big Ten instituting the rule in the first place last fall. A total lack of direction if you ask me from the Big Ten Presidents of the universities. The Big Ten did not handle this season and pandemic very well right from the start. The Big Ten championship game will be Ohio State and Northwestern at noon on Saturday. The Ohio State team has been installed as three touchdown favorites. The Buckeyes win and will play in the college football playoffs.



The best championship game is the ACC — a rematch of Notre Dame and Clemson at 4 p.m. These two teams played earlier in November resulting in a double overtime win by Notre Dame 47-40. The Clemson team though played without Trevor Lawrence at quarterback. I, however, still think this will be a fantastic football game between two good football teams. The difference this time will be Trevor Lawrence for Clemson. I like the Clemson Tigers to win a close football game 31-24.

The other conference championships have the Big 12 at noon with Oklahoma against Iowa State. I hope Iowa State wins this game. I like what coach Matt Campball has done at the Iowa State program.

The SEC championship, of course, is Alabama. Who else could it be? The Crimson Tide will take on the Florida Gators at 8 p.m. The “Bama” boys are 17 point favorites over the “Gators” and will roll the Florida team. I like the Crimson Tide to win 51-28. The MAC championship is at Ford Field between Buffalo and Ball State. I like the Buffalo Bulls over Ball State by 10 points.

The Michigan Wolverines head to Iowa to play the Hawkeyes. This will be an Iowa whipping administered to coach Jimmy Harbaugh’s Michigan team. A solid season by Michigan in 2020 will be over, and yes, sarcasm included in this sentence.

The MSU boys will travel to Maryland to take on the “Turtles.” I like the Maryland team to win a close one over Sparty 24-21.

The NFL season is down to three weeks left in the season and playoffs will begin. I like the fact that only one team receives a bye this season instead of two. The AFC bye will be either Pittsburgh or Kansas City, in my opinion, with Buffalo having an outside shot at No. 1 seed.

The NFC is a bit more complicated with Green Bay, New Orleans, L.A. Rams and Seattle in the mix. The game of the week will be Kansas City at New Orleans this weekend. This football game will highly impact the who gets a bye scenario. Stay Tuned!

The Lions, although in a losing effort, I thought played the Green Bay Packers pretty well at Ford Field. The removal of “Pencil Head” is evident that the Lions don’t miss his bearded worthless input on Sunday. The Lions are still playing hard and will travel to Tennessee this weekend. The Lions will come up short and lose this game by a touchdown. My NFL picks have reached 12 games over five hundred! I am real happy about that! Roll out the picks big daddy…