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Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

The baseball season is heading into the best month of the year, the month of September. Numerous baseball teams will have October dreams crushed and burned into flames. While on the other side of the coin, teams like Cincinnati, who have not been in a pennant race in a decade, have a city on a baseball high.

The Yankees are always in the mix for the playoffs, but here in 2010, they have to fight off the pesky Tampa Bay Rays. Personally, I am pulling for the Rays to win the division. In the whole scheme of things it makes no difference, as both will play October baseball. One team will be in as a division winner and one as a wild card team. What makes baseball so unique is it is the ultimate grind. It takes 162 games to determine playoff participants. The Reds and Padres have created an excitement that was not expected back in April in those cities. The opposite is true in the city of St. Louis. The Cardinals were supposed to win their division by 10 games. However, it looks like it will be a miracle if they even get in the playoffs. The Fat Guy is pulling for all the underdogs. Go Reds, Padres, and Rangers. Yes, September pennant races are the best.

Bring out the chips

The college football season takes off this Thursday night. I only see two games of importance to me. The Utah and Pittsburgh game is a big one. Why? I think both of these teams have high aspirations in 2010 and somebody is receiving an”L” to start off their season. The other game is USC and Hawaii. How will the Trojans look under a new

coach in Lane Kiffin? More importantly, how will probation affect how they play this season?

Michigan and Michigan State will get under way on Saturday afternoon. MSU plays at high noon and will take on Western Michigan. I will take the Spartans in this one by a large number. MSU 34 and Western 13. A much closer score should take place in Ann Arbor. The men of UConn look to plug in the

Rich Rod “Hot Seat” on Saturday afternoon at 3:30 pm. In my eyes,

this is Rich Rod’s biggest game ever in the Maize and Blue. He absolutely needs to win this one. I like Michigan in a squeaker. Michigan 24 and U-Conn 23.

Bad charma

The Lions defeated the Cleveland Browns on Saturday in what was considered a regular-season preview game. My observation here is that the defense is terrible and the secondary is totally awful. The front four put no pressure on the Browns’ Jake Delhomme. He picked them apart, actually. Major, and I mean major, improvement needs to take place on that side of the football. The positive is the offense looked real good. The Browns defense no good either, though. The offense has looked good all pre-season long, which is a good thing. Enough of the pre-season, let’s get to the regular season, please. I still think a 5-11or 6-10 record is in store for your Detroit Lions football team.

Enjoy the fact that high school football and college football has started and enjoy, my football friends.

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