College, NFL football seasons come to an end, plus a tribute to a legend

Fat Guy Corner



The Michigan Wolverines’ dreams of a National Championship went up in a blaze of defense from Georgia.

The Dawgs’ 34-11 win over Michigan displayed total dominance on offense and defense. The Georgia defense suffocated the Wolverines when they possessed the football. The Michigan offense could not muster up any yardage on the ground or in the air. The Michigan offensive line, I thought, could push the Georgia defensive line a little bit so they could run the football. I was dead wrong. They could not budge them at all. The Wolverine defense allowed the Georgia quarterback to throw for 310 yards and three touchdowns. The running game for Georgia excelled all night long too! The bottom line is, Michigan was dominated by a better and more physical football team in Georgia.

The Georgia Bulldogs move on to face Alabama on Monday night. The Alabama team defeated Cincinnati 27-6, in what was a pretty good defensive battle. I can positively state that the Cincinnati Bearcats belonged in the college football playoffs. The game was not an easy Alabama win as it was closer than the score indicated.

The next question is, who wins on Monday night in the rematch? The Crimson Tide won in early December 41-24 over Georgia in the SEC Championship Game. It seems as if Alabama coach Nick Saban always defeats Kirby Smart’s Georgia football team. I, however, don’t think it happens this time around. The Fat Guy’s crystal-clear cheese ball says: How Bout Them Dawgs 27 and Crimson Cried 24. As much as I did not want an all SEC final, it should be a great watch.

The NFL season ends on Sunday night with a winner-gets-in game between the L.A. Chargers and Vegas Raiders. I still want to call them San Diego and Oakland!

The NFC No. 1 seed will be the Green Bay Packers. The rest of the teams will be Dallas, Philadelphia, Tampa Bay, Arizona, L.A. Rams and either San Francisco or New Orleans. The seedings have numerous possibilities depending on this Sunday’s results of a few games with significance. The Rams vs. San Francisco is one of those games and New Orleans vs. Atlanta is the other game of importance.

The AFC picture is wide open as the No. 1 seed has yet to be decided. Let’s look at who is in the playoffs for the AFC. The Tennessee Titans are in, as is Kansas City, Cincinnati, Buffalo and New England. The Indianapolis Colts — if they defeat Jacksonville — are in the playoffs. I can positively state, the Colts are in as Jacksonville is an awful football team. If Jacksonville pulled off the upset, it would be the shocker of the century. The other team will be the Raiders or Chargers, depending on who wins. I will tell you, this year in the NFL the playoffs will be top-notch football. Who goes to the Super Bowl from the NFC and AFC is anybody’s guess this year.

The NFL lost John Madden this past week at the age of 85. John was a total icon in the football world as a coach and broadcaster. Oh, let’s not forget his video game fame with “Madden NFL,” one of the biggest video game sellers ever. I loved the Raiders as a kid and John Madden was the coach on the sidelines in a tie and press pass flying around his pants. I loved those Raiders teams. John then went into broadcasting in 1979 with CBS as a color commentator. John worked for all four major networks and on Monday and Sunday Night Football. The phrase “BOOM” was known to all who watched football. John also made passing out turkey on Thanksgiving to the winning team a tradition. There’s not enough space to write about him and all he did for the NFL and fans. RIP John Madden.

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