Column was a slap against religious freedom

This probably won’t make your paper because it’s too much of the truth but I hope you read it anyway: After reading your article in regards to the mosque building in New York City, I am amazed at how you are downgrading something you supposedly stand for.

You state your “all for religious freedom” and how “it’s wrong to blame an entire religion for the actions of a few” but then you say how “forcing the issue of building a mosque at that site is wrong?”

This is a pure form of hypocrisy. Yes, there where a few extremist who took Islam to the extreme but those that are trying to build the mosque are not that. To say they are pursuing it “to make a point” without any knowledge of those trying to build it and or evidence to back it is ludicrous. They are providing a sanctuary of not only religious worship, but recreational and educational programs to help the youth stray away from lifestyles such as those of which you spoke in your article on “An Unwanted Lesson in Violence” from a previous issue. I believe there is a God but carry no direct affiliation with any religion but I respect people’s freedom which was established by our country’s founders.

By you saying building on the site is wrong, you are going against the freedom of religion and to worship as you want and are indirectly blaming “an entire religion for the actions of a few zealots”. In terms of the “taste” you speak of, I think a mosque there which aids the community and particularly it’s youth to be better citizens and people is a lot better than the porn shops, liquor stores and other “tasteful” entities in that same area in NYC. To say it’s OK for them to worship, just not at that location does mean you indirectly feel they have some involvement in the tragedy of Sept.11, 2001. — L.D. Mallett,


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