Commission meets for last time before final dissolution of shared service

GRAND BLANC — The Grand Blanc Fire Commission – the board that provided oversight for the fire department the city and township shared – convened its final meeting Tuesday, May 19.

There’s still some housekeeping – transferring titles, signing checks and closing bank accounts – to wrap up before the ultimate dissolution of the partnership that began when the city incorporated 90 years ago.

Township attorney David Lattie said bisecting the department has been “an interesting process … and we’re winding down.”

The last i’s will be dotted and t’s crossed once the city and township put their stamps of approval on the audit and all assets are disbursed, Lattie said.

“We have a preliminary final audit,” he said. “The point is to look back and make sure we have all of the assets accounted for, and (establish) a formula for distribution of those assets.”

The city and township divvied up the personal property assets with 20 percent going to city, 80 percent to the township. The vehicles will become the property of township in return for 20 percent of their value, Lattie said.

He commended the commission for their fiscal acumen and said the financial reserve exceeded $1 million.

“It’s quite a nice sum,” Lattie said.

Of the $1,026,523 in the bank, the city will receive $432,965, which includes $ 319,738 for the vehicles and other personal property.

“We looked at millage rates for the city and township over the years … and calculated what each paid,” Lattie said. “We divided according to who put it in.”

He said he expects the all of the paperwork to be completed by the end of June.