Commission needs to focus on issues facing county

I’m finding myself rather frustrated and feel the urge to speak up. My County Commissioner, Gary Peppin, Democrat of Davison, took office in January and according to the record, was out of the office since then missing nearly three months of meetings due to serious health issues. I send my prayers and hope he recovers but my main concern is what the priorities are now that he is back doing meetings virtually from his kitchen table. 16

The Board of Commission has been passing multiple resolutions treating our Board like a political action committee. The most recent resolution that Gary Peppin voted yes on was a Black Lives Matter inspired crown act which talks about the discrimination of African Americans hair. The Crown act, which stands for “Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair” is a policy that Prohibits race-based hair discrimination including hair texture and protective hairstyles.

While I would never discriminate against one’s hair, is this the real priority of a County Commission that is facing millions of dollars in debt on the verge of bankruptcy? Isn’t BLM the same group that is calling for defunding our police?

Another resolution that they passed was to fly transgender flags at all county buildings. Would the voters of Davison go for this? I guess it doesn’t matter because unfortunately Peppin voted yes to both regardless. I respectfully ask that the Commission use our meetings to conduct the business of the county and stop passing politically motivated resolutions.

Lastly, I was at the last board meeting trying to speak during public comments but because of “technical difficulties” was unable to make my voice heard. We won’t be silenced with what’s going on at these Commission meetings, even if dozens of us are shut out of zoom. The voters need to pay close attention. It is getting out of hand. — Morgan Jackson, Davison