Common sense vs. politics

In response to questions submitted to the court by a federal judge (not as part of the State case now before it), the Supreme Court has said that your Governor overstepped her powers, while she did everything she could to protect you ( and them) from this insidious virus now again on the rise throughout the State and threatening to ravage the UP (likely from downstate travel).

You need only to look at who filed this suit to understand that it was not proffered in the spirit of representative government, but simply a political blunt instrument to obstruct the power that her opposing party, out of pure obstruction and politics, resents her having.

This isn’t politics folks; this is the real deal!

This Sars-Cov2 (COVID-19) virus is a true pandemic and only science will stop it from coming to your door sooner or later (as it now has the President of the United States) with the challenge of surviving it.

Rolling the dice because you hear of those who test positive but have no symptoms is a losers bet. If you are not bothered by (for example) the incredibly irresponsible and naïve statement of the GOP Senate Majority Leader who, with a bold face (no mask) proclaimed that the GOP controlled House will therefore not likely support the Governor’s mask mandates and business regulations, saying you can’t fight this stuff, COVID will win and “people just need to learn to live with this virus” – you might want to rethink that position.

This Governor (fortunately for us) understands that there is currently nothing to stop this disease. And has taken all measures to slow it’s advance until science can.

We are in fact very close to science doing just that.

This is a time to forget the politics that is trying to obstruct that also and look beyond the labels of R & D to the proven efforts that have kept the vast majority of us safe for the past seven months. Masks and business restrictions have and do work, the evidence is all there. Obstructers limiting the Gov’s powers cannot restrict your common sense on business requirements and mask use (for example).

Read the words of a “person” who actually has your best interest at heart here Bud Meyers, Grand Blanc Township