Compost bin, rain barrel distribution planned

BURTON — The Genesee County Metropolitan Planning Commission will hold a one day only compost bin and rain barrel distribution event on June 4, from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. in the Courtland Center Mall parking lot in Burton.

This event will feature the FreeGarden™ EARTH compost bin and the FreeGarden™ RAIN rain barrel; affordable, attractive, and easy to use products that make home composting and water diversion simple.

Compost bin and rain barrel use provide methods for homeowners to care for their lawns and gardens that are efficient, cost-effective, and beneficial for the environment. Compost bins turn organic kitchen and yard waste into a nutrientrich soil amendment that replaces traditional fertilizers to produce gardens with bigger, healthier plants and vegetables.

According to the EPA, outdoor water use can be as much as 40 percent of total domestic water demand during summer months. Using a rain barrel can reduce this demand, preserve a natural resource, and save homeowners money on water bills.

The environment benefits from the use of compost bins and rain barrels in numerous ways. Composting diverts organic material from the trash can to the compost bin, and also helps to prevent pollutants in stormwater from reaching surface water resources, decreases erosion, and treats contaminated soils. Rain barrels divert water from storm drains, decreasing the impact of runoff to streams and minimizing sewer overflows during heavy rainfalls.

Products are sold at a special price and on a first-come-first-serve basis. The FreeGarden™ EARTH compost bin will be sold at $30 per unit and the FreeGarden™ RAIN rain barrel will be sold at $45 per unit. All forms of payment accepted.

Details: Call Nate Scramlin at 810-257- 3010 or e-mail G.G.

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