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Congrats to the Dawgs and a look at the NFL playoff picture

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The Georgia Bulldogs are college football champions for the first time since 1980 with a 33-18 victory over Alabama.

The Alabama football team — a true nemesis to Georgia — looked like they were going to break the hearts of Georgia once again. But, the Georgia Dawgs scored three touchdowns in the last eight minutes of the fourth quarter to seize the win.

The defenses dominated the first half with zero touchdowns scored and five field goals kicked. The Alabama Crimson Tide took a 9-6 lead into halftime.

I loved watching the defensive battle of the first half to be honest. The fourth quarter provided all drama with some turnovers and some good offense. The 20 points Georgia put up in the fourth quarter were stunning to watch. I say that because it does not happen to Nick Saban coached teams hardly ever. I can tell you this, don’t worry about Alabama as they will be just fine next year. The Alabama program under Saban is always in the National Championship mix. I say, how about them Dawgs!

The NFL Playoff picture is finally set after a wild — and I mean wild — last week of the season. Where do I start? I think we’ll start in Jacksonville where the Indianapolis Colts lost to the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars! Say what? Yes, the Colts only needed to defeat the “Jags” and they were in the playoffs. What a choke job by the Colts. A true head scratcher to say the least. I bet the Colt fan base and team are as in shock as am I.

The Pittsburgh Steelers made it in because of the loss, and the results of the Vegas and L.A. Chargers game. I could write a novel on the Chargers and Vegas football game, but I will not. Let’s say, the Chargers coach Brandon Staley is one of the dumbest coaches I have watched on the sidelines in a long, long time. I have never watched an NFL coach make more bad choices then Brandon Staley. Let’s look at the AFC Playoff picture for this weekend. The Saturday game at 4:30 p.m. will have the Vegas Raiders at Cincinnati. This should be a chilly afternoon in Cincinnati. The boys in Vegas have installed the Bengals as roughly a touchdown favorite. The Fat Guy prediction: Crazy Helmets 23 and Still Oakland to Me 17.

The Saturday night game will be a division rematch with New England headed to Buffalo for an 8:15 p.m. kickoff. Another chilly kickoff is expected. The Bills and Patriots have split their two games this season with the home team losing each time. The Bills are four point chalk to defeat the “Hoodies” Patriots football team. The Fat Guy prediction: Buffalo Wings 16 and Brady No More Patriots 14.

The last AFC game is Sunday night in Kansas City with the Chiefs and Steelers kickoff at 8:15 p.m. The Steelers were waxed by Kansas City in late December by a score of 36-10. I have to be honest, the 13 points Pittsburgh is getting from the boys in Vegas are not enough. The Fat Guy prediction: The Chiefs 31 and Big Ben Retired 13.

The NFC Playoff picture starts at 1 p.m. on Sunday with the Philadelphia Eagles headed to Florida to take on Tom Brady’s Tampa Bay football team. The Eagles lost earlier in the year to Tampa Bay 28-22 in Philadelphia. The boys in Vegas have installed the Buccaneers as nine point favorites. I like the Bucs 31 to 17 over Philly. The Cowboys and Forty Niners hook up at 4:30 p.m. on Sunday. I will side with San Francisco in a close one 27-24 over Dallas.

The Monday night game will be Arizona at L.A. to play the Rams. Can Stafford get a playoff win finally? I say, “yes.” The Rams 24 and Cardinals 20.

I will get the football contest winners next week!

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