Congrats to the Dodgers, a surprise Spartan win and the Tigers have a new manager

Fat Guy Corner



The baseball season has wrapped up for 2020 and the L.A. Dodgers are World Series Champions.

The Dodgers disposed of the Tampa Bay Rays in six games. The cream rose to the top in this series as the Dodgers, like I said last week, were the more talented team.

I will say manager Kevin Cash of the Rays pulling Blake Snell was a bone-headed move. My belief is, you can’t manage a baseball game on all analytics. Somewhere the eyeballs have to factor in. The Dodgers could not touch Snell with a 10-foot pole as they were whiffing at air! The relief pitcher comes in and trust me, the Dodgers were excited to see Blake Snell leave the baseball game. The World Series was won by the Dodgers right there as they scored some runs.

The Dodgers were the best team all season long in this abbreviated schedule in 2020. I don’t want to hear any talk about no darn asterisk on the accomplishment either. Congrats to the L.A. Dodgers.

The Detroit Tigers have hired AJ Hinch as manager. AJ is 46-years-old and becomes the 39th manager in Tiger history. I did not know that he played for the Tigers in 2003 either. How did that slip by the fat guy I wonder?



The ex-manager of the Houston Astros served his one-year suspension for sign stealing and garbage can lid slamming in the dugout.

I think he is a good selection as manager of the Tigs because he rebuilt a horrible Houston team into World Series winners in a short time. I guess his character and morals can be questioned, but heck, one mistake should not be a lifetime of punishment either. The world loves giving second chances, especially in the world of sports.

The Tigers are awful and Mr. Hinch has a tough road to sled to make the Tigers competitive. I guess we shall see you AJ in spring training and good luck in the Ole English D dugout.

A quick note on the Chicago White Sox as they have hired the ancient Tony La Russa. Does a rocking chair fit in the dugout? I do not understand this hire one bit. This is an awful hire by the White Sox!

The line I used last week about Michigan State after the Rutgers game was “the season can only go up from here.” I can say the Spartans went upwards real fast with a defeat of the Michigan Wolverines. The Spartans 27-24 victory came as a shocker as the Wolverines were three touchdown favorites to win the football game. The MSU team was inspired and took it to Michigan on the football field.

The MSU receiver Ricky White had a game he will never forget. Ricky caught eight passes for 196 yards and one touchdown. A couple of these catches were highlight reel catches!

The Jim Harbaugh scrutiny of his coaching and failure to win big games is at the forefront once again. How many free passes is this Harbaugh going to get from Michigan fans? The amount of money paid to Harbaugh is not worth the results he is giving the University of Michigan. He is one over paid college head coach for sure! All I can say is, congrats to the Green and White on a game well played! I will say, Mel Tucker you redeemed yourself in one short week.

The Spartans will travel to Iowa to take on the Hawkeyes. The game can be seen at noon on ESPN. The Wolverines will play at Indiana for a high noon tilt. The game can be seen on FS1.

The gong show at Ford Field under “Pencil Head” Patricia once again was a laughable performance by the Kitty Kats. How much longer do we have to witness this garbage product on the football field? Fire his over-sized tail and let’s move on from this clown on the sidelines. I can be reached at