Consumers Energy to address street light outages

FLINT TWP. — Consumers Energy will send a representative to the next Board of Trustees meeting, Sept. 17, to discuss the growing number of street lights that need replaced in the community.

At the board meetings twice a month, resident and businessman Kevin Stiff, owner of the Dive Shop, G-4020 Corunna Rd., gets up during public comment and asks the board to do something about the number of street lights that no longer work in Flint Township.

“Just as many out now as there were two weeks ago,” said Stiff, who addressed the board Sept. 4. “There are more than six months ago. I got out of my chair at home at 10 p.m. last week and drove around and see how many lights out. In the southeast corner of township there are a lot of lights out. Corunna Road has lights out.”

Resident Gerald Roberts also spoke up in support of Stiff.

“The dive man has been up here the last two years,” he said. “Lawyers promised us this or that. Get on their hind-end, we have lights out, we’ve been complaining for two years.”

Roberts suggested making a complaint against Consumers Energy with the civil service commission to apply pressure and get the lights replaced.

Supervisor Karyn Miller said Kyle McCree with Consumers Energy had contacted her office and said he would attend the board’s Sept. 17 meeting at 7 p.m. to address concerns about the street lights.

“Come with questions,” she urged residents. “Let him know which lights are out. We need to know the process for reporting them. They will need an address (of burned out lights).”

The meeting will be held in the township offices, 1490 S. Dye Rd. The public is welcome.

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