Cooperative repairs to be made for rutted roads

FLINT TWP. — Health Source Blvd. is an access road serving HealthPlus of Michigan and the Patty Lou Williamson dealerships but drivers also use it as shortcut from eastbound Corunna to south Linden Road or vice versa.

At any rate, traffic and time have turned the connector street into a rutted obstacle course.

But that sorry state of affairs soon will be repaired according to plans to repave and mill the roadway.

The township board approved a $92,236 cost estimate that will be shared by the Williamson dealership, HealthPlus and the Genesee County Road Commission.

The township will pay 25 percent of costs, about $23,00, the road commission 35 percent, about $59,000 and the businesses 20 percent, said township supervisor Karyn Miller.

Miller said that Patsy Lou Williamson and HealthPlus are two of the townships biggest taxpayers and both have issues with the condition of the road.

The township’s approval required a budget amendment but Miller provided financial documents showing road improvement funds leftover from last year to cover costs.

The proposal was approved 5-2 with Barb Vert and Belenda Parker voting against it.

Miller also sought board approval for a similar project on nearby Taft Road. It would be more cost-effective to have that road done while the milling and paving equipment is already there redoing Health Source Blvd., she said.

The targeted section between Linden Road and Lincoln Parkway looks like “the craters of the moon,’’ Miller said.

She is seeking a similar cooperative cost-sharing plan with business owners and the road commission.

The township’s 25 percent share of costs – an estimated $12,238, also required a road millage budget amendment. It was unanimously approved.

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