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GENESEE COUNTY — Cougar Electric LLC is a factory authorized “Service Dealer” for the following brands of standby generators:

• Generac

• Eaton

• Briggs & Stratton

• General Electric

Is your standby generator ready to serve you in the event of a utility power outage?

Nearly 100 percent of our generator service calls during a power outage involve units that are operated in the “Run to Failure” mode. This creates a critical reliability issue as well as creating the potential for expensive equipment failures and consequential damages.

Failure to properly maintain your standby generator equipment can also impact your factory warranty. The technician servicing your generator should hold a valid factory service authorization certificate for your specific brand and model. Cougar Electric LLC holds factory service authorization for the brands listed above in sizes ranging from 7kw to 150kw for both air-cooled and liquid cooled generators.

Your standby generator system should be serviced following the first 25 hours of operation and annually or every 200 hours of operation thereafter, whichever comes first.

For generators operated in cold climates (defined as locations where the temperatures regularly fall below 32deg F) they MUST be equipped with the manufacturers’ recommended “Cold Weather Kit.” This includes ALL standby generator systems installed and operated within the State of Michigan.

Is your standby generator ready to serve you in the event of a utility power outage?

Call Cougar Electric LLC today at 810-691-2684 and let us make sure that your standby generator is ready when the power goes out.

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