Council approves first reading of incinerator, container ordinance

BURTON — The City Council unanimously approved the first reading of an ordinance regulating incinerators, trash containers and collection/donation containers at its July 8 meeting.

Councilman Tom Martinbianco was absent and excused.

The ordinance is something the Planning Commission has been working on and had already held a public hearing regarding.

Council Vice President Greg Fenner said as the legislative committee chairman, he was satisfied with what the planning commission came up with regarding the ordinance.

“I think they did a fine job that included extensive research,” said Fenner. “I don’t see any reason to overstep this.”

Councilman Vaughn Smith said he had a resident ask him why incinerators were included in the ordinance., to which Amber Abbey, deputy director of the Department of Public Works in charge of zoning, said incinerators were already included in the original ordinance and were put there because the city isn’t sure if there are any out there.

She said the city didn’t want to eliminate it from the ordinance and cause issues with nonconforming rights, adding it was in the city’s “best interest” to leave it.

Fenner said the changes to the ordinance arose because on Saginaw Street, there are two or three collection boxes at some businesses. When they get full, he said people drop clothes off on the outside of them.

Code Enforcement, he added, has been trying to get the businesses to clean it up and they were arguing that the boxes do not belong to them and the city had no way to contact the owners of the boxes.

The ordinance creates a permit process and ensures they will not be located out by the road. Fenner estimated there are between 10-12 of these on Saginaw Street from Maple to Hemphill road.

Dumpsters and trash cans in residential front yards are also included in the ordinance, as well as the location requirement for dumpsters.