Council approves homecoming parade route, trick or treating

DAVISON — In a year of cancellations there is some relief in sight for beleaguered residents – there will be a Davison Homecoming Parade and trick or treating on Halloween.

The city council approved a request by Davison Community Schools, Monday, to schedule a “very small” Homecoming parade through downtown Davison on Oct. 9, in light of COVID-19 restrictions.

City Manager Andrea Schroeder said the parade will include the marching band, cheerleaders, pom pon, eight cars carrying the Homecoming court and a bus to transport the band when they’re finished.

“(The school district) said the rules at the state had changed and they would feel comfortable doing something for the students and keeping it small,” said Schroeder.

Kevin Brown, superintendent of Davison Community Schools, said in his blog on Tuesday the parade will begins at 5 p.m. Friday.

“Because we need to be mindful of the size of the parade, we must limit participants to those strictly involved with the night’s activities. This would include our senior homecoming court, underclassmen princes and princesses, marching band, cheerleaders, pom pon and dance teams,” said Brown. “We will keep our fingers crossed that next year we can return to our normal parade practices and allow other clubs/teams and students to participate.”

The parade will follow its normal course, beginning at the high school, traveling west on Clark Street and then north on Main Street.

Brown also noted the governor’s new order does not take effect until Oct. 9, so the district will be unable to hold a Powderpuff Game. The Community Tailgate is also cancelled this year.

All school buildings will be celebrating Homecoming Week by holding Spirit Days, he said.

The issue of trick or treating was also raised at the Sept. 28 city council meeting. Councilman Ron Emery asked if the city should hold trick or treating on Halloween or cancel it altogether due to COVID-19 concerns.

“We have it every year from 6-8 p.m.,” said Schroeder. “My opinion is if want to hand out candy and kids want to trick or treat, especially with rules changing a little in the state, that’s OK.”

She said residents can decide whether to send their kids out to trick or treat and whether they are handing out candy.

Neither Davison Township or Richfield Township have indicated if trick or treating will go on as scheduled or not.