Council grants license following medical marijuana committee recommendation

DAVISON — The city council approved granting the city’s sole medical marijuana license to High Society Wellness during its Aug. 24 meeting.

The recommendation was made by the city council’s Medical Marijuana Committee after it received only one application for the city’s only license. The decision to grant the license was unanimous with the motion made by Councilwoman Jessica Abraham and it was seconded by Councilwoman Leigh La Forest.

The MMLC has met for the better part of the past year and a half and was able to draft a medical marijuana licensing process and the appropriate ordinances to move it forward to the city council.

The proper procedures were taken with the help of the city attorney, the city planner and an outside consulting firm, said Mayor Tim Bishop.

The licensing included a multi-step process that required applicants to submit a detailed plan in areas covering the lot layout, the building design, the employment plan, a community awareness plan and a list of other items deemed important to assure a clean, safe and responsible way to conduct business, the committee said in its report to council.

In the end, only one application was submitted. It was then scored by the committee to make sure it met the minimum criteria that would have allowed them to be in the lottery. After it was determined they had and the city attorney was able to review the application, the committee selected High Society Wellness as the sole medical marijuana license holder in the city of Davison.

“From what I understand this is going to be about a $2.5-3 million building, they are going to be heavily involved in the community with sponsorships, clean-up crews – it sounds like they’re going to become a part of the community,” said Councilman Ron Emery. “High Society Wellness is already here I the community, Mr. (Jamil) Joubran lives in the area. I know there’s a lot of arguments for and against medical marijuana. I was skeptical going into this, but after reading all the reports – I think this will work.”

Councilman Chris Hinkley voted in favor of granting the license, but admitted he had reservations.

“(I voted yes) only because it is following what we decided to do,” said Hinkley. “I’m still not for the idea.”

Details on the facility and its location were not announced. More information will become available as the facility goes through site plan approval.