Council reopens police contract for second time this year

BURTON — For the second time in 60 days, the council has reopened the police contract and has given officers a raise.

The city council voted 4-3 June 21 to accept a memorandum of understanding between the city of Burton and the police officer’s labor council, reopening the contract for Burton patrol officers’ wages.

This comes after the council gave police a 2 percent raise in April when the contract was reopened, a year prior to its expiration.

Council President Steve Heffner, Councilwoman Tina Conley and Councilman Tom Martibianco all voted against the reopener.

The council voted after coming out of a closed session and at that time, Heffner asked Attorney Josh Leadford if he agreed with the agreement.

Leadford said the agreement, “did not stem from my recommendation.”

“So, you do not recommend this, or you do recommend this?” Heffner asked.

“I believe there are pros and cons from a labor strategy relative to the document that could be avoided without adverse impact to the bargaining unit,” said Leadford.

Conley said she voted against the reopening of the contract because the police were just given a 2 percent raise each year for the next three years in April.

She said while she supports the police, she wasn’t comfortable with another raise so close to the last one.