County Commissioner 4th District

Keith D. Allen

Keith D. Allen

Keith D.



Grand Blanc

Wife Sarah; Son Lucais – 10th grade

PhD candidate; MA Counseling (LPC); BA Education; AAS Public Administration

College Instructor/Counselor/Academic Advisor

Political Experience:
Genesee County Republican Delegate

Community Service:
Member of First Presbyterian Church Flint; Lake Fenton Community Schools

What are the important issues in
this race:

If we do not appropriately prioritize services with consideration of budgetary constraints — we will continue in lockstep with the nation’s out of control spending and debt which only limits our potential for greatness and ability to empower ourselves at the local level. It is my goal to begin healing our state and nation at the local level. It begins with difficult sacrifices that will allow us all to invest in our future.

All of Genesee County must pull in the same direction with effective leadership providing clear vision. As an elected official I will focus on the basics: 1) Public safety must never be reduced; it is perennially our #1 problem inhibiting any rebound or growth which is key to our future.2) Infrastructure should also be a top priority for the same reasons. Better roads and development of transportation systems are crucial to our future. These are the roles in which government was meant to play, not several other misguided ones that now must be eliminated.

John W. Northrup Democrat No response

Daniel Parks Non-Partisan No response

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