County Commissioner 8th District

David B. Robertson

David B. Robertson

David B.



Flint Township

Married 25 years, three children ages 12 to 22

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

Automotive Hybrid Control System Engineer

Political Experience:
Member of the Genesee County Republican Party Executive Committee. This is my first time running for office.

Community service:
Participation and leadership of a variety of community service activities through the Junior Chamber of Commerce, participated as a member of the Swartz Creek Hometown Days Committee, past member of the Swartz Creek United Way Board, volunteer AYSO Soccer Coach, Cub Scout Den Leader, Variety of leadership positions at St. Pius X Catholic Parish and a member of Michigan Association of Non-Public Schools Parent Network Advisory Board.

The most important issue in this
Genesee County, once a case-study for American economic excellence has been transformed into a case-study in economic failure. How sad it is to hear the media use our home as an example of how the United States is in decline or, worse, hearing comedians mock our current situation. No amount of government spending will create sustainable jobs. The only way to do so is to correct the errors of high taxation and oppressive regulation that drive businesses away.

A local business climate where taxation and regulation are minimized will create an economic environment that encourages businesses to view this county as a great place be. I am against “targeted” business development which seeks to create government favored businesses through tax breaks for “favored” businesses. All businesses should receive tax breaks and it is the government that needs to downsize. Any job created in Genesee County is a “Green” job because it means one less resident has to drive 60+ miles to work.

Our local political entities can no longer look towards Washington D.C. or Lansing for “grants” and “federal programs” to solve local problems and fund local services. These are inefficient facades that create the illusion of progress while increasing the size of government and removing control by taxpayers of the money they pay. Better to never give the funds to Federal and State government and keep them here in Genesee County where we know best how to solve our own problems. Accomplishing this will require true conservatives at all government levels.

Less than 50 years ago Genesee County was one of the wealthiest counties in the United States. Today we are the hardest hit county in the state. Still, we can revitalize this county but only if we have the will to do it. No longer can we run Genesee County in the fashion it was a generation ago. We need to look at new ways of structuring our governmental organization so that it is more efficient, less wasteful, and more accountable to the voters.

Ted Henry
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