Couple launches cooking themed social media page

Tom Yeager and Samantha Waite

Tom Yeager and Samantha Waite

FLINT — As millions shelter-in-place across the country, a Flint-based Facebook page is bringing people together with a tasty message of positivity.

“Crap I Cooked in Quarantine,” a social by local couple Tom Yeager and Samantha Waite, gives people the chance to share photos of delicious meals they’ve cooked and prepared while staying at home.

Since launching two weeks ago, the page has racked up thousands of likes and drawn over 13,0000 followers worldwide—all to celebrate food and fun during these difficult times.

“We thought if we could get 75 of our friends together to share some food pics, that would be great,” Yeager said. “In less than a week, we were closing in on 10,000 members. It’s absolutely amazing.”

Yeager and Waite, who reside in the Flushing/Flint Township area, said the premise of their page is simple: Followers can post photos of their breakfast, lunch and dinner creations or snap some pics of the takeout they’ve gotten from a local restaurant. They can even share funny food-related captions or join in on lighthearted culinary debates like “does pineapple belong on pizza?”

Turtle Cheesecake by Bree Thomas of Flushing. Photo provided

Turtle Cheesecake by Bree Thomas of Flushing. Photo provided

While Flint and Genesee County serve as the main hub for the page’s followers, “Crap I Cooked in Quarantine” is drawing a diverse collection of fans from all over the globe, including Canada, Great Britain, Puerto Rico, Japan, the Philippines and Bali—to name a few.

What’s more, the meals featured on the page are just as diverse as the people making them. Followers have submitted photos of everything from homemade chicken pot pie and decadent cheesecakes to made-from-scratch lasagna and kale soup.

For Yeager and Waite, the page itself goes beyond entertaining people during the coronavirus crisis; they want to present something that will bring communities together and get individuals to overlook their differences.

“It makes us feel good when we can present kindness to other people,” Waite said. “We have a prime opportunity, when things are doom and gloom right now, to share some positivity with everybody.”

With “Crap I Cooked in Quarantine” continuing to heat up social media feeds, Yeager and Waite have already started an Instagram page for the group and are in the process of building a Twitter page as well.

To join in the fun and share your culinary creations, search for “Crap I Cooked in Quarantine” on Facebook or Instagram.