Courts announce temporary suspension of in-person proceedings

GENESEE COUNTY — Effective this week the Genesee County Circuit and Probate Courts will temporarily suspend in-person court proceedings.

After reviewing the current COVID19 new case data for Genesee County, Chief Judge Duncan M. Beagle determined it was in the best interest of the members of the public, judges, court staff, attorneys and other stakeholders, to discontinue in-person court proceedings.

The Courts will remain open and will continue operations via Zoom. Individual judicial offices will be the contact for inquiries regarding scheduling for particular cases.

The Courthouse will remain open for other business that requires an appointment to receive services.

Please consult the Probate Court webpage for further information at

The Circuit Court webpage contains information relative to new filings and other operational information at

The Circuit Court earlier discontinued jury trial operations, after successfully conducting 2 jury trials utilizing extensive protocols to ensure juror safety during the COVID19 pandemic. The rising number of positive COVID19 cases required the Court to stop additional jury trials based on a consultation with the Genesee County Health Department and guidance from the State Court Administrative Office (SCAO).

Beagle reviewed the health data with court administrative staff and consulted with judicial leadership to arrive at this announcement.

“I am satisfied that this is the correct and responsible action to take at this time. The Judges and staff of the Courts are working every day in an attempt to respond in a timely manner to the cases that are filed with the Courts,” he said. “The pandemic is a factor that we are forced to respect out of concern for the health, safety and welfare of the community.”

In-person court proceedings are suspended through Dec. 31. — G.G.