Creek grad, local paramedic grateful for Hurley trauma center

Andrew Lay

Andrew Lay

FLINT – Hurley Medical Center will once again hold its annual Trauma Center Golf Classic, which was announced at a press conference at Hurley this past Friday. The golf outing itself will take place on Sept. 12 at the Flint Golf Club.

Two guest speakers at the press conference are survivors telling their stories about how Hurley’s Trauma Center helped saved their lives. Brian Bigelow, 22, and Swartz Creek grad Andrew Lay, 24, both landed in the Trauma Center after significant injuries. Bigelow is a paramedic, who is used to assisting others medically rather than the other way around.

But on October 25, he was in a traumatic car accident after swerving to avoid a deer near the intersection of Coldwater and Webster roads, resulting in a crash. He is also a firefighter and a member of the National Guard. The crash caused damage to his scalp, brain and spine. Emergency surgery at Hurley saved his life and he was able to go home after just eight days.

Brian Bigelow

Brian Bigelow

“I had a truly amazing experience at Hurley,” said Bigelow. “I received care that changed my life. I feel truly blessed Hurley Medical Center was here. Without Hurley, I don’t believe I’d be alive.”

Lay is the captain of the hockey team at the University of Michigan-Flint. While playing against Michigan State in November, Lay suffered a spinal cord injury after being driven head first into the boards.

He also had emergency surgery and dealt with a concussion, a bruised spinal cord, a fractured cervical spine and a tear in a neck artery. It took 10 hours to repair, but Lay was able to be discharged from Hurley after a mere four days.

“I have a great deal to be grateful for,” said Lay. “Hurley saved my life. There is no doubt in my mind I may have sustained a different outcome and maybe not even lived if I went anywhere else. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing and compassionate clinical care I received from the entire staff.”

The golf outing will benefit the trauma center and burn unit at Hurley. For more information, contact Hope Ponsart Hansen at 810-262-9399 or

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