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The Major League Baseball season has just two weeks left. I want to remind everyone that I predicted at the All-Star break numerous winners of the divisions. The Washington Nationals pulled away from the no-hitting Atlanta Braves as I said they would. The L.A. Dodgers are in a dog fight with the San Francisco Giants but should go on to win the National League West. I said the Cardinals would blow by the Brewers and they did. The Baltimore Orioles are winners of the American League East just like I predicted. The L.A. Angels passed the Oakland A’s as I told you they would. The Detroit Tigers are the only ones who could make me look bad in the American League if they don’t win the Central Division. I think they will, though.

Basically, the Fat Guy’s crystal cheeseball warmed up with some stellar baseball prognostications before football season took place. I do admit I did not want a second wild card game in baseball but have now come around to it. Bud “worst comb over ever” Selig deserves his props for that. Let’s look at Atlanta and Oakland for instance. If you didn’t have wild card action they would be playing out their season these last two weeks of September. I say, job well done Mr. Selig, on the baseball wildcard action.

The Detroit Tigers have caught fire here as of late winning six of their seven ball games heading into Monday night’s game at Minnesota. They currently have a one and one half game lead on the Kansas City Royals. The Tigers and Royals hook up for the last time this coming weekend in Kansas City. Detroit takes two of three from the Royals and I believe it’s game set and match for the Tigers winning the American League Central.

I have to admit I really thought the Tigers would pull away from the Royals in August and September. I give the Royals credit; they are a tough, gritty ball club which will be tough for the next five years for sure. They actually have a bull pen worth talking about in a positive way unlike Detroit’s debacle out behind the fences. Joe Nathan is terrible and it will cost them huge come October if they make the playoffs. He is just as bad as Valverde was. How about the year J. D. Martinez is having? I just love his initials. He is my Tiger for sure! The Tigers sure do everything the hard way, don’t they?! It should be a fun last two weeks for all of us Detroit Tigers fans. Go Get ‘em Tigers!

Wake up!

The Lions were caught hibernating down in Carolina. Is it really that much of a shocker that the Lions played like a three-week-old cub? Can we use the dreaded phrase? Same old Lions. Why, of course we can. Use it because it applied once again. Dominate the first half and barely have a lead. The rookie kicker misses two kicks. The reliable Calvin “Megatron” Johnson produces a “Megadrop Touchdown Pass” right before halftime. Cam “The Scam” Newton takes over in the second half and routs the Lions defense. Basically, as one of my friends said and I quote, “Another three hours of my life wasted I’ll never get back watching those clowns.” I couldn’t have said it any better myself my friend. The whole division is now 1-1 and the Green Bay Packers invade the Lions Den on Sunday.

The place will be loud and it will be rocking. This is a huge football game for only being the third game of the season. I think both teams also realize it and it should be a nail biter right to the end of the fourth quarter. I think the Lions will actually win the game, for some strange reason. My fat gut has that feeling. The Lions defend the den with a 34 -31 victory. With the Vikings deactivating Lion slayer Adrian Peterson, that gives the Detroiters a chance the following week.

Detroit Lions, you don’t want that, so you better win the game. The New England Patriots give me my first best bet victory of the season. I am glad to get that pressure off of me. It’s time for the NFL selection show. I will finish the week over .500 which is nice.

Tampa Bay +7 over ATLANTA
San Diego +1 over BUFFALO
ST. LOUIS -pk over Dallas
Washington +7 over PHILADELPHIA
N.Y. GIANTS +3 over Houston
NEW ORLEANS -9.5 over Minnesota
CINCINNATI -6.5 over Tennessee
CLEVELAND -pk over Baltimore
DETROIT -1 over Green Bay
JACKSONVILLE +7 over Indianapolis
Oakland +14.5 over NEW ENGLAND
ARIZONA +3 over San Francisco
SEATTLE -4.5 over Denver
Kansas City +4 over MIAMI
CAROLINA -3 over Pittsburgh
N.Y. JETS -1 over Chicago

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