CTI teaches CFOs how to manage newfound IT staff

BURTON — Communications Technologies Incorporated, an industry leader in unified communications, announced today that the company has launched an awareness campaign targeting CFO’s about the changing nature of purchasing, installing, and deploying IT solutions.

Today’s CFOs have begun to spearhead the deployment of new IT solutions within the corporate environment in addition to their traditional responsibilities. CFOs now assess information technology purchases and ensure staff levels are “right-sized.”

The network has evolved from a static environment that only requires a single, full-time IT manager to a dynamic environment which requires constant support of a full-suite, expert-led, outsourced IT advisory firm.

In today’s environment, the underlying technology has simply become too overwhelming for one person to manage. The role of IT managers has shifted from administrative tasks, such as, downloading and installing security programs, to overseeing monthly reports generated by outsourced solution providers to verify optimal network performance.

Additionally, CFOs not only need to facilitate payment arrangements in order to ensure that budgetary requirements are met, but it is now their responsibility to verify the efficiency of the network by cross-checking device performance with the monthly reports provided by aforementioned out-sourcers.

Network performance must be validated and verified by external, trusted IT advisors instead of internal IT staff, who have no basis for supporting their analysis.

“In recent years, the very nature in which technology is being purchased has shifted. While most business have long relied upon a break-fix interaction, the new way of purchasing technology revolves around proactive management, predictive repairs, and reporting transparency,” said Jeff Allen, President at Communications Technologies Incorporated. “With the help of Communications Technologies Incorporated, CFOs can verify the performance of their network against industry standards and gain an unobstructed view of what’s really going on with their network. CFOs finally have a way to manage the technology deployment process, without needing to be overtly proficient themselves.”

Details: Call 800-860-6910 or visit www.cti4u.com. G.G.

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