Curbside Pickup/Drop-off Info for DHS Underclassmen



DAVISON — School Superintendent Kevin Brown sent a letter Wednesday to parents and high school underclassmen regarding the pick-up and drop-off of personal effects and school property. Here is the letter:

“As the current stay-at-home order remains in effect to May 28, we have selected dates in mid-June to hold a “curbside” pickup and drop-off in order for underclassmen to retrieve personal belongings, pay fines and drop off textbooks/school property. This is certainly not the way we wanted to end our school year but under the circumstances, it is the best option we have until we are allowed to resume our regular routine.

“In order to keep our students and staff safe, students will be asked to wear a mask, gloves, and observe social distancing guidelines in keeping six feet away from others. For everyone’s safety, we require that students do not congregate or gather on the campus. For the curbside pick/ drop-off, drivers will be directed to enter and exit the High School’s campus from Lapeer Road onto Alger Drive. Students will remain in their vehicles and participate in a “parade” route with station stops to pick up yearbooks and drop off textbooks, library books, school electronics, athletic equipment, band uniforms, and any other school property as well as have the opportunity to pay any fines. At the last parade station stop, students needing to enter the building for personal items will have about a 15-minute window to pick up their items and clean out their locker.

“Designated times and dates are listed below.”