Daly out as head of GCRC

GENESEE COUNTY – John Daly was given a severance package last week and is no longer manager-director of the Genesee County Road Commission.

The road commission board voted Feb. 9 to approve a severance agreement for Daly. According to published reports, Daly’s performance was questioned by the commission for the past several months.

The road commission voted 4-1 to approve the severance agreement, more than three months after Daly said he had been given a termination notice.

The board voted unanimously on Jan. 9 to have an attorney draw up a severance package.

“For the last 18 years, it’s been an honor to serve the residents of Genesee County,” he said in a statement. “During that time, I was very grateful I had the support of the staff at the Road Commission to assist me in all the endeavors I had to undertake.”

Road commission members have complained about the condition of the county’s local roads and receiving constant criticism from their constituents. Daly said in media reports the members told him they want to move in a new direction and his termination was not due to poor performance.

Terms of the severance agreement are private due to a non-disclosure agreement Daly said he signed.

He will remain on paid leave until April 2, then early retirement April 3.

The commission has not discussed a replacement at this time. – G.G.

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