Davison closes city hall for appointments only

DAVISON — Due to the continued rise in COVID-19 cases, officials have decided to open city hall by appointment only.

Mayor Tim Bishop said the new policy started Nov. 9 and is aimed at reducing the risk of contracting COVID-19 for the city’s staff and the public.

Now that the election and water/sewer bill payments are complete, city officials said they think it’s in the best interest of the city employees and residents/ customers.

Bishop said the city will continue to serve everyone’s needs by appointment and all other means available.

67th District Court, located in the same building at 200 E. Flint St., is also closed and is scheduled to reopen Nov. 17.

“It’s really not a huge deal to run by appointment,” said Bishop. “You can almost call from the park lot and they will be available. The office traffic isn’t much so the appointments will allow the staff to sanitize before and after residents come in. Safety for them and the employees is paramount right now.”

Information on the 67th District Court Facebook page Monday indicated the courts would be closing and proceedings would be moving to virtual.

“With the surge of COVID- 19 cases in Genesee County and throughout the State, from now until Monday, November 30, all Court proceedings scheduled will be heard by Zoom only,” court staff said in a Facebook posting. “Contact your local court location to get the correct Judge’s Zoom address to log in. Davison Court and Grand Blanc Court remain closed. The other courts will remain open to the public to conduct court business (i.e payments, filings, etc.).”