Davison schools preparing for distance learning – just in case

Parents need to register kids for return to class or online learning options by July 24

DAVISON — With the reopening of Davison Community Schools planned for Aug. 17, district officials are preparing a “robust, rigorous” on-line distance learning option for parents who might not be comfortable sending their child back to in-person classes this fall.

Superintendent Kevin Brown sent out a letter July 2 summarizing Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s “Return to School Roadmap”, which includes requirements and recommendations for schools to return to face to face instruction this fall.

Brown said the district is asking all parents/guardians to register their students online by July 24, to know whether students will be returning for face-to-face instruction or if some parents would prefer the online, distance learning option.

“I want to be clear; it has always been my intention that the Davison Community Schools return to full time face-to-face instruction this fall and we are currently working on a plan to do just that,” said Brown, in the July 2 letter.

“To ensure we return to school safely, the District will follow the guidance in the Governor’s roadmap.”

Some of the precautions Davison schools will be taking for in-person learning include:

• Hiring additional custodial staff to provide daily cleaning and sanitation

• Keep all restrooms stocked with soap and provide hand sanitizer in every classroom and common areas and throughout the buildings

• Require or recommend students and staff wear a cloth face covering (depending on what phase the state is in)

• Eliminate assemblies

• Reduce class size to the extent possible

• Teach and encourage social distancing, proper handwashing techniques and hygiene in all schools

• Increase signage to remind all students and staff to social distance, wash their hands, etc.

• Restrict visitors to school buildings

The district plan, once approved by the Davison Board of Education and the Genesee Intermediate School District, will be posted on the district’s website, said Brown.

Brown asks that parents visit this link by tomorrow (July 24) to register: www.davisonschools.org/site/Default.aspx-?PageID=22

The district’s online distance learning option that will align with the instruction taking place in the classroom, said Brown.