Davison Township approves funding source for veterans’ court

DAVISON TWP. — The Board of Trustees approved the source of $6,000 in funding for a new statue at the Veterans Memorial Court during a special meeting, Dec. 21.

The previous board voted Nov. 9 to approve the purchase of an eagle statue to replace the globe fountain currently at the center of the Veteran’s Court, located at the Davison Township Municipal Building, 1280 N. Irish Rd.

When the board authorized the purchase of the statue it didn’t specify where in the township budget the money would come from. So, the new board, seated at the end of November after winning seats in the Nov. 3 election, had to decide how the township would pay for the statue.

“The expenditure was approved,” said newly elected Supervisor Jim Slezak. “They didn’t tell us where the money was coming from.”

The board opted Dec. 21 to take the money from the township’s capital outlay fund.

Slezak said the township already received a $3,000 donation for the statue and other renovations at the Veteran Court. He said they expect another $1,000 donation this week.

He said the board would probably have to discuss the work o the memorial court again soon when it is time for installation of the new statue. Currently, he said there is no money set aside for placement, which township officials estimate will be another $2,000.

Former Board member Travis Howell, who attended the special meeting as a resident, said former Treasurer Pat Miller offered to volunteer his time to help with the concrete work.

The prior board decided to replace the existing globe fountain at the Veterans Court with a statue of an eagle after repeated repair issues with the water fountain and leaks which caused damage to some of the concrete work at the site.

“The fountain has been problematic,” said former Clerk Cindy Shields at the Nov. 9 meeting. “The overflows ruined the tiles. We’ve cut off the water –but the question is what do we put in its place?”

Former Supervisor Tim Elkins said on Nov. 9 the plan was to get the pavers fixed, do some work on the monuments and remove and replace the water fountain.

The bronze statue the board selected will be partly or entirely paid for through donations, but the township would need to put forth the necessary money to cover the work until all the donations could be collected.