Davison Township parks all opened with some restrictions

DAVISON TWP. — All parks in the Davison Township Parks & Recreation system are now opened, including the Davison Dog Park and Lake Callis.

Lake Callis is opened Monday-Friday from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. and Saturdays from 11 a.m.-7 p.m., said Park Director Casey Reed.

She said the splash pad is currently closed, a move which is getting a lot of attention because not everyone is happy with the township’s decision to not open the attraction this summer.

“We made that decision earlier this year based on CDC (Center for Disease Control) recommendations not to visit those types of water parks,” said Reed. “Then, the CDC just changed their minds and said we could open the splashpad, but we had scheduled maintenance to be done so we’re still going to be closed.”

She said the township may consider reopening the splashpad before summer is over, but there are “no guarantees.”

Another change that hasn’t been popular with residents is the closing of the restrooms at Lake Callis. Those attending the park will have to use porta-johns at the facility this summer because the township decided to close the restrooms due to COVID-19

Reed said the township’s parks and recreation office are in the same building as the Lake Callis restrooms and the decision was made to close them to keep the staff there safe.

Lake Callis will be closed July 4-5 due to social distancing concerns for the holiday.

Rentals at the Robert Williams Nature and Historical Learning Center will be available beginning July 6.

Reed said the other parks, including the Williams Center, the Black Creek Trail, the Davison Dog Park and Kitchen School are all now open for regular hours.

“We hope people are understanding and we thank them for working with us while we’re working through these unchartered territories,” said Reed. “We want to keep the parks open, but our first priority is safety.”

Details: Visit www.davisontwp-mi.org/parks—recreation.html.

Parks in the City of Davison

The Jack Abernathy Regional Park in Davison, including the basketball courts, playscape tennis courts and playground equipment are all open for regular hours.