Davison Township Parks and Recreation closes Dog Park

DAVISON TWP. — The Davison Township Parks and Recreation has closed the Davison Dog Park, Lake Callis and other facilities in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Township official said they are making operational changes that are in the best interest of the health and safety of the public and employees in regard to COVID-19 and Social Distancing.

The following closings and cancellations include:

• Cancel events and programs through May 31 (modifications may be made on various programs and events to offer them virtually. Stay tuned to the township’s Facebook page for updates).

• Close the Davison Area Dog Park through May 31

• Close the Karen Miller Event Center, Kurt and Marge Soper Nature Center, Robert Williams Nature and Historical Museum through May 31

• Close Kitchen School through May 31

• Close the Lake Callis Recreation Complex through May 31

At this time all rentals for the month of May have been cancelled or postponed. If you have rented one of the township’s facilities after May 31 you have the following options in regards to your rental.

Option 1: A full refund returned to you. Once you request the refund, the township will process it within two weeks. The refund will be mailed to the address listed on the contract in the form of a check.

Option 2: You may reschedule your rental to a later date in hopes that the Social Distancing restrictions are lifted. When the township calls you, they will work with you to find an alternative date that the facility is open. There will be no charge to you to change your date.

If you would like to make a decision on your rental immediately, and you do not wish to wait for the State to update Social Distancing Guidelines you may contact someone on the township’s team via email.

Casey Reed – Parks Director creed@ davisontwp-mi.org

Corey Clark – Recreation Coordinator cclark@davisontwp-mi.org

Rebecca Walton – Parks Programmer rwalton@davisontwp-mi.org

The Black Creek Trail, Veterans Court of Honor and Robert Williams Nature and Historical Learning Center Trails will remain open at this time to provide residents with local opportunities to get outdoors; however, extensive travel should be minimal – and reserved only for essential needs – and effective social distancing (of at least 6 feet between yourself and other people outside your household) is required so that unsafe conditions do not develop and Township-managed trails can remain open.

The following reduction in services include:

All bathroom buildings are closed. People are encouraged to plan accordingly to avoid needing a restroom during a visit.

There will be minimal trash service. Visitors are encouraged to bring trash bags, if needed, to carry trash home and minimize litter. — G.G.

No hand washing stations are provided. Please carry hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes containing at least 60 percent alcohol, as well as trash bags to carry out used wipes.

That status of our Parks, Events and Programs will be reassessed following Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s next Executive Order in regard to Social Distancing.