Déjà vu all over again?

Well, the next week or so (with Labor Day behind us ) should tell the story.

All the beach crowd has headed, once again, for the “Water” part of the ole “Michigan Winter/Water Wonderland” thing.

The schools are trying to tip toe through some kind of reopening.

The Governor has (with lots of trepidation) crossed her fingers and allowed pretty much the balance of the State to reopen (fitness centers, gyms, outdoor organized sports) .

The numbers are a bit scary. Deaths on the rise, colleges spiking…we can surely expect the spike that we got after the 4th of July weekend which would carry us close to 750- 800 new cases a day by itself.

We know an awful lot more than we did in March and April and are better equipped to stay safe, but will we?

The magic number at which the brakes will start to be engaged seems to be 1,000 cases for any sustained period. The death factor will be a big decider in whether to go lightly on the pedal or just engage the ABS full force. This Governor will clearly not hesitate.

We are so close (about 3 months) to three working vaccines and an oral medication by the Merck that stops the stuff.

It’s completely up to us now. I know it’s somehow overwhelming to follow the arrows on the floor, travel less, avoid crowds but…

If we don’t get it real right this time, Yogi’s euphemism, “Deja Vu all over again” will be spelled L- O- C- K- D- O- W- N. — Bud Meyers, Grand Blanc Township