Deland Road construction disrupts mail service for residents

FLUSHING — A stretch of Deland Road between Carpenter Road and Coutant Street has been undergoing a water main replacement project in recent weeks.

With Deland being closed to traffic, the United States Postal Service has been unable to deliver to over 50 residents living in the construction zone. As a result, affected homeowners—including those living in Scharrer Drive and Pellet Drive—have missed at least two weeks of mail.

To accommodate residents, the U.S Post Office is now delivering to 51 temporary mailboxes located in the driveway area of Flushing City Hall. Homeowners living in Deland project area can drive up to city hall to pick up their mail. Any packages that don’t fit in the boxes will be available for pickup at the downtown U.S Post Office located at 127 Cherry Street.

City Manager Brad Barrett said that the mailboxes were purchased by the project contractor, who’s planning to charge the city a rental fee.

He is also reassuring residents that their mail will be safe at city hall.

“The police department is on the grounds,” he said. “They’ll be keeping an eye on everything.”

On July 24, the Post Office sent a letter to locals on Deland Road, informing them about the temporary boxes and explaining that carriers could not deliver directly to their homes. The letter is available for public view on the City of Flushing’s website.

The Deland Road project is expected to be wrapped up by Aug. 27. To catch up on the latest construction updates, log on to and click on the main page’s yellow hard hat icon.

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